If you are thinking of contributing, here’s a perspective to consider:

One of a Thousand

It’s hard to imagine - there are an estimated 8 billion people, give or take, on the planet today. Of the 8 billion inhabitants -

“There are 476 million [Indigenous people] (sic) around the world and spread across more than 90 countries. They belong to more than 5,000 different Indigenous peoples and speak more than 4,000 languages. Indigenous people represent about 5% of the world's population.” Amnesty International

Of the estimated 8 Billion peoples of the planet, 330 million or so of them live within the US population description. The US Census Bureau describe ‘Native Americans’ comprising around 2.09% of overall population.

If only 1000 people from the other approx. 98% of population of the US, or 1000 people of the 95% of the global population practice generosity and contribute the suggested minimum amount of US $50.00, (and receive our limited edition t-shirt as our gift) we will have the support we need to bring the Elders, Youth, Knowledge Keepers, Presenters and Special Guests to this year’s Stories and Songs of the People event. Seriously! Just the expense of the travel and accommodation costs, we’re not even including all the production costs, the generosity of their time or the knowledge and perspective they bring. Nor anything for all of our community members, friends, allies and relatives who work together to engender this space as volunteers (this includes INITC and our Kanaka Maoli relative hosts for this year, volunteers)

1000 people to help create a space of possibility where we might hear the voices of Original Nations and Peoples. A space of possibility where you might choose to join us virtually on the day, form your own circle and participate from where you are. (We can’t stress that one enough, although there is a limited online registration space it is free of charge) When we all contribute we all make it possible together - become one of a thousand and know that you help make the difference.

Watch our One of A Thousand video

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