Dear Friends, Allies and Relatives

Recognizing the current circumstances for our Kanaka Maoli Relatives of Maui, we have reached the understanding after much council together, that we must reschedule our gathering.

In hearing the voices of our relatives we are reminded and recognize the responsibility to take time for mourning, grieving, for hearing each other’s voices, and beginning a path for healing. 

In council with our Kanaka Maoli relatives we have been asked to relay the following heartfelt invitation:

“Please continue to pray for us”
“Please know that now more than ever we want to go forward to host the   
“Please hear our invitation and continue to support these efforts” 

Support Maui and Lahaina Kanaka Maoli community directly

With a courage that deserves our respect, they once again extend the invitation and ask our continued support for the Original Nations and Peoples gathering - rescheduled from Aug. 17th - 21st to September 20 - 24 of this year. The one day virtual / in - person event is rescheduled for Saturday, September 23.

With the greatest of compassion,

The INITC Council 
Stories and Songs of the People

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