We are grateful to the presenters and performers who give freely of their time and energy to share and contribute to the moments of this Gathering. 
Our honored guests, presenters and performers include...

Unci Lula

Lula is the great-great-granddaughter of the revered Chief Red Cloud. Lula came from a traditional family where language, culture and the traditional ways of her ancestors were held as sacred and kept alive. INITC is grateful to have Lula offer presentations on the healing energy of traditional medicine and cultural ways of restoring balance through the healing of trauma.


As well as being a multi-talented writer and performer, he is a strong cultural practitioner of ceremony and song. He is an active member of many societies and bundles of the Blackfeet People. Be sure not to miss his one man theatre performance about his personal healing journey as a young man growing up on the Blackfeet Reservation.


Woableza (Wo-a-blay-za) has traveled across the continent for over thirty years gathering and sharing stories, songs and dances from the Elders of many tribes. Today, he shares that knowledge with people across the continent and around the world. He is a great grandson of the famed Dakotah Sioux "Chief Ti Wakan" (Sacred Lodge) who was instrumental in restoring peace between the Dakota and the United States Army during the great Indian wars. An Advisor to The Cultural Conservancy for the past ten years, he is a member of the Manataka American Indian Council and Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth. We welcome his presence and look forward to the stories and films he brings!

Australian Aboriginal Visiting Guests

Uncle Barry is a visiting Gumbaynggirr Elder from the Mid-North Coast of Australia. He has a lifetime of service to his community through various guises, most notably as a protector for the people.

Rhiannon is a young Goori woman who, having had experience in Aboriginal Community Healthcare has found a new path through her own business that is committed to strengthening the hearts and minds of young Aboriginal women a cultural model of gathering.

Darryll is a young Gumbaynggirr man working in education with Aboriginal People maintaining the stories and cultural connection through traditional dance. Look for him in any open space where dancing is possible.


Austin is a high school teacher as well as a veteran. Along with his 12th Grade Students, Austin offers a discussion from their question: "Why is it important for people to come together to stand up for their communities against economic and social injustices, even if they do not necessarily "win the battles?”.


Ken has been a grassroots organizer as well as having run for public office. He has worked with Greenpeace and the Green Party of Minnesota going back to the late 1990's. He notes that the dominant economic signal on earth by which nations determine wealth (GDP) is inaccurate and dangerous in relation to our overall well-being and sustainability. He introduces a different manner of awareness and comes to share an alternative which is describes as the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI).


Clyde is an Indigenous Unitarian Universalist (UU) Elder who advocates social, cultural and spiritual justice through his UU activism. Through his workshop ‘The Colonial Origins of Unitarian Universalism’, he gives the opportunity for a deeper insight into what decolonization considerations might be.


David has served on the Board of the US Solidarity Economy Network, Transition US and the Program on Law, Corporations & Democracy (POCLAD). Through his presentation, he brings insight into where law, politics and economics converge. Can we build cooperative, sustainable institutions within the existing framework that achieve immediate tangible benefits and also help to evolve and transform those existing systems? Are immediate, tangible benefits achievable, and what help is needed to evolve and transform these existing systems? Through presentation and discussion we are given the opportuntiy to consider and examine these questions together.


Karen is a part of the LGBTQ Unitarian Universalist Ministry and, since Standing Rock, has been proactive in continuing the process and conversation of finding ways for human beings to work together. Decolonizing conversations and White Supremacy work have been part of the framing of Karen’s work on climate justice and her congregational Green Sanctuary work in the Unitarian Universalist Association. Organized western-born religions struggle to understand how colonialism was part of our founding, and how colonialism is "baked into" the bricks and mortar of our current institutions and systems. This is life-long work and worthy of all our faiths to learn together how we can free ourselves from the ways colonialism has impacted our selves, our lives, our faith, our relationships to one another and Earth. The workshop will be hosted in a circular, council structure. All are welcome.


UniverSouLove is an Internationally known spoken word artist, performer, and cultural leader. His creative work integrates poetry and music made by the wooden flute -an original, empowering, and impacting movement of sound and words. Combining organic musical notes and spoken word poetry, this performance seeks to inform, engage, and elevate one's thinking while highlighting and lifting up community and creativity. Find him on the main stage!

SRST Elders Cultural Preservation Council

Stories and Songs of the People welcomes the Elders Preservation Council, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, ND. An opportunity to hear perspectives of our cultural relationship with our environment, with ‘Natural Law’ as our guide, and cultural knowledge relating to the conversation for environmental justice from a Lakota / Dakota perspective.

Awake Indigenous Media and Digital Smoke Signals

Awake Indigenous Media and Digital Smoke Signals – Stories and Songs of the People welcomes young Indigenous Filmmakers to the gathering! Along with DSS they will share some of their own experiences and join us to help document the conversations and sharing of stories during the event. Other conversations will also investigate the AWAKE Media programs that recognize a need for allowing Native communities and Native Peoples the space to tell their own stories, where too often they have not had control of their own narratives.

Candi BP

Stories and Songs of the People welcome Candi to the gathering. Candi carries all the experiences of Oceti Sakowin Camp / Two Spirit Camp – from inception, to organizing, to maintaining a unique space under extraordinary circumstance. We are thankful for her presence as she will both share experiences and insights of the long journey since Standing Rock, as well as act as the guide for Two Spirit Camp participation during the events!

Michael L

Positive recovery fellowship is brought to us through Michael, and through this presentation he will give us insight into four key ideas for positive recovery: greater skill at living into purpose and connection; additional recovery allies; more reliable knowledge for cultivating positive habits; and optimism for a roadmap towards boosting life satisfaction and delight.

Juan M

Stories and Songs of the People is thankful to welcome Juan to the events. Juan brings stories to share directly related to the theme of ‘relationship to each other, relationships to our environment.’ He brings insights and experience for two distinct opportunities: to learn about maintaining relationship to the land in the face of great adversity and ignorance, and; to learn about changing our relationships to each other through a visionary 12­ step decolonization process.

Unci Gina

Stories and Songs of the People is very happy to welcome Unci Gina who comes to share her unique knowledge of the beautiful Mayan Calendar and all that it represents for our relationships with our environment. Her inspirational journey allows us the privilege of recognizing that our interconnectedness is as unbound as we have courage to allow.


In addressing the ecological crisis we need courage and tools to stay in spaces that can be challenging and overwhelming, to widen the circles of compassion beyond ourselves. Mindfulness and Compassion are innate human qualities that can be cultivated through practices to balance our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Workshops offered include Gentle Mindful Yoga each morning, Introduction to Mindfulness, Mindfulness and Compassion Practices for Activists.

Interconnectedness and Privilege; Dealing with Differences

Stories and Songs of the People invites our non-native friends, allies and relatives to an open discussion about our relationships with each other. We face extraordinary times where obstacles and challenges for working together can impinge our ability to see the path of generosity and compassion. Terms such as ‘White Privilege’, ‘Unconscious Bias’ and ‘Decolonization’ are about the patterns that we know perpetuate (what), yet we may feel uncertain to know how recognize and address, much less change. This is a co-facilitated discussion open to all.

The Water Protectors Legal Collective

Stories and Songs of the People welcome the Water Protector Legal Collective. Since their humble beginnings at Oceti Sakowin Camp, WPLC have been the providers of legal support, advocacy, and knowledge sharing for Indigenous centered and guided environmental and climate justice movements.
WPLC envision a world where Indigenous peoples are centered and guiding the world to protect the environment for all. Join them for updates and continued conversations for environmental cultural and social justice.

Mitch and Native Youth

In 2018 Mitch, with a group of Native American youth, traveled to the Vatican with the request to rescind the historic papal decrees that justified the domination of Native Peoples. These decrees date back to the late 1300s and were issued in the 1400s to legitimize the domination and destruction of non-Christian people. Adopted by the early European colonizers of the Americas, the Doctrine of Discovery formed the basis of U.S. Indian policy, which allowed the government to seize Indian land, remove its people, and control their personal and property rights. Stories and Songs of the People are are honored to welcome our courageous relatives and to hear their story.

Gary T

Dr B

Dr B is an holistic practitioner, earth medicine specialist, nutritionist, cell health expert and healer. He has an ongoing commitment to share traditional practices for maintaining balance within ourselves and our environment. Practicing both his traditional Indigenous ways and Western Integrative Medicine, Dr B will share some remarkable new insights into the growing recognition of where our worlds intersect.