Why are these events Alcohol and Substance - Free?

Medical Marijuana and other ‘Medicines’

It says on the poster and website alcohol- and substance- free but I want to attend and need to bring my medical marijuana with me:

Dear Relatives,

Let us have courage not to come from places of judgement for or about each other. Let us have courage and awareness that allows the recognition of a greater circumstance; one which calls us to consider impacts to our most vulnerable, our young ones, and the generations to come.

Many people are using or returning to the use of marijuana/medical marijuana to relieve discomforts that take many shapes and forms in this often outrageous, hectic, stressful modern life. Others are employing opioids to mitigate physical and/or mental health issues.

Whereas INITC and its partners do not have value judgements on the personal choice for the use of medical marijuana or opioids, we do have a duty of care to protect everyone that attends our events. Thus, we ask that all who come make a commitment for the time attending to leave all alcohol and substances away from the events entirely. Medical marijuana, for example, is still illegal in South Dakota; and Native Peoples, People of Color, and political activists continue to be disproportionally targeted and criminalized. We do not want to give any excuse for any of those attending to be open to legal repercussions.

But we want to help each other:

Local Wellness groups and individuals will be hosting an area to help all that may need support or wish to lend their support and encouragement to maintain a commitment to remain alcohol- and substance- free for the duration of the camp. As is often said, this means either ‘on you or in you’. When substances are in our bodies, they change our interactions and perceptions in ways that are unpredictable. Not only should you not bring alcohol and regulated substances in bottles or bags to camp, don’t bring them inside your body either.

We will also be lighting a prayer fire which excludes the use of any substance while lit.

There will be different massage therapists and other Healing Arts practitioners available to help where they can, as well. Please join us in creating a space of Cultural Safety and Wellbeing for all!

We hope to see you there!