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An Inter-Cultural / Inter-Faith Gathering for all Peoples of all Nations - Friends, Allies and Relatives

Join Us in The Sacred Black Hills (Paha Sapa)
August 22 - August 25, 2019


Co-sponsored by The Water Protector Legal Collective

Calling All:
Cultural knowledge Bearers and Keepers * Elders * Water Protectors * Youth Councils * Faith Keepers * Well-Being/Wellness practitioners * Healers * Environmental Science practitioners * Environmental Law practitioners * Performing Artists * Visual Artists * Film Makers * Scholars * Treaty Scholars * Presenters

Join us for an INITC Intercultural, Interfaith sharing of experience and knowledge for the profound social, cultural, economic, legal and environmental issues reflecting the impacts to the health and well-being of our collective Nations and our Planet.

Join us in continuing the conversation and process for defining what it means to be a ‘Human Being’, how to work together as Friends, Allies and Relatives and reach shared understandings for how we create Cultural, Social and Environmental equity and justice.

Photo provided by Wil Sterner

An InterNātional Gathering Sponsored by
INITC - The InterNātional Indigenous Initiative for Transformative Collaboration
This Event is 100 % Alcohol and Substance Free (Why?). FYI - Medical marijuana is not legal in SD