The InterNātional Indigenous Peoples Village Inc. (INIPV)

INIPV Inc. is the result of many First Nations, non–First Nations, institutional organisations, community organisations and individuals working together to form an appropriate village space for InterNational presenters, performers, cultural practitioners, participants and guests.

Starting in 2010, Stories and Songs of the People collaborative events embedded the initial Inter- National Indigenous Peoples Village in an established standing festival as a collaborative partner to global community oriented events.

Where many festivals and events exist, INIPV recognised that few, if any, give a designated space for a shared platform of First Nations cultural and educational exchange. Too often the spaces are pre-determined and developed under guidelines that do not encompass cultural or genuine collaborative considerations for First Nations Peoples. 2

Establishing the INIPV successfully brought thousands of participants a unique opportunity for sharing First Nations cultural knowledge and practice through Cultural Presenters, Speakers, Elders, Performers, Artists and Wisdom Keepers from the Stories and Songs of the People foundation of InterNational collaborative and collective efforts. These efforts continue today through ongoing events now hosted by ‘Nation’ and delivered through the Stories and Songs of the People events platform.

Courtesy of Janet Nakamarra Long (Warlpiri) – ‘Underground Water’ (Ngapa)

2 Note – For more information see the growing ‘space - definition’ and ‘third space definition’ academic writings