Exploring Collaborative Opportunities

Collaborative Tiers

through collaborative efforts, e-commerce Tier Three

Tier one:

Collaborative partnership with direct activities that outreach community (Stories and Songs events, Tribunal/Summit, etc.) Shared First Nations cultural platforms, Shared wider community platforms, customised seminars, workshops and reflective retreats

Tier Two:

Art Exhibitions/Performing Arts (Traditional and contemporary), Presentation/Talks, micro-enterprise

Tier Three:

The Human impact: Collaborative efforts for shifting paradigms through cultural and educational exchange, collaborative capacity enhancement and development (all partners), specified and defined workshops, seminars and conference (with special seminars for invited guests) spiritual retreats and reflection

Tier Four:

Research and writing, documentaries, DVD’s, CD’s, etc. (sharing and dissemination of information) Other Considerations:

  • Becoming a Collaborative Partner (!); Nation, Organisation, Community or Individual
  • Sponsorship InterNational Summit Inquiry: Environment Relationships through Cultural Perspective
  • Sponsorship supporter and ‘Friend’ of Stories and Songs
  • Research Endowments
  • Sponsorship/Participant - Current Events